NSW International English College (NSW IEC) is a division of Sydney International Academy Pty Ltd. (SIA) based in Sydney’s CBD. Sydney International Academy was established in 2008 as an English Language Intensive Courses to Overseas Students (ELICOS) provider. During its past six years of operation, SIA reputation for educating and motivating has attracted thousands of international students wishing to improve their English language skills and to provide them with pathways to a range of further study options in the Australian education system.

Even though NSW International English College is a relatively new name for SIA’s English school, our strong reputation for excellence in education remains be the cornerstone for the delivery of high quality English language education to international students.  Based in the Sydney CBD, Australia, our current success and popularity is a result of our commitment to provide our students with the highest quality and standards in English language education.

This organisation prides itself on achieving its goals. Our record in provision of education demonstrates this. Our current goal is to make NSW international English College a recognised and respected name in the ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) industry. To achieve this, our international students must come away from us having achieved their English learning goals. Equally and just as important to NSW IEC is that our students have an educational experience that has made them feel valued, cared-for and listened-to during their time at our College. This ‘caring’ dimension to our College is so important to us, that we are willing to guarantee that our international students will have an holistic educational experience, not only excellence in English language education, but one that is supported by a nurturing, caring and supportive culture that will contribute to their academic success and social integration into their new study environment.

To deliver on our promise we have a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers and staff who are committed to creating this learning environment for you and to placing an emphasis on excellence, encouraging ambition and student autonomous learning.