Why choose NSW International English College

Every English college will tell you that they are the best and indeed there are many excellent English language providers from which international students can choose in the Sydney area. The reality is, however, that some English providers may not deliver what they promise to you.

NSW International English College is a Registered English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) provider who has offered its English education services to overseas students for over four years.

NSW International English College is built upon educational standards of excellence. We make the following commitments to you;

•  We promise to deliver an educational experience that is encouraging, enriching and motivating for you

•  We have a culture of high expectations for both staff and students.

•  We are driven to produce results through our work with students

•  We set and meet high quality assurance standards for English Language Teaching.

•  We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

•  We have a broad curriculum and extensive opportunities for enrichment.

•  You come first!

NSW International English College is based on the same standards of excellence as its parent company.  We

guarantee that we will provide you with the following;

A modern, well-maintained, well-equipped and spacious learning facility;

Modern IT facilities in your classroom, computer laboratories and throughout the College;

Excellent experienced teachers that will genuinely care about your academic success and about you as a person;

English courses that are interesting and stimulating and which will also challenge you to reach your English learning potential and goals;

Regular weekly assessments to help you monitor your progress;

An Academic Manager that will be very supportive to you with achievement of your educational goals and who will make a genuine effort to get to know you;

Student Services staff who will take that extra step to help you with any of your needs;

A range of out-of-school excursions to help you to use your English skills and to get to know the Sydney area;

A range of social activities to help you to get to know your classmates and teachers in an informal setting.

Regular opportunities to provide us with feedback on our English teaching centre so that we can make on-going improvements to the educational services we offer to you and your fellow students.