NSW English Enrolment Form

You can download the NSW English Student Application Form from the link below.


  1. Complete all parts of the application form
  2. If you are unsure how to answer any part of the form, please contact us at info@nswenglish.com.au and we will reply to your enquiry immediately.
  3. Read the Conditions of Enrolment, Cancellation & Refund Policy and the Student Declaration sections of the application form carefully.
  4. Sign and date the application form.
  5. You can then return the completed application form and send it to us in the following ways:

By email to: enrolments@nswenglish.com.au

By fax to: +61 (0)2 9264 0087

By post to: Admissions, NSW International English College, Level 3, 84-86 Mary Street, SURRY HILLS, NSW  2010, Australia

Download NSW English Application Form